Desktop Support FAQs

I am having trouble with my email/need my email account set up. Can you help?

How can I obtain Microsoft Office or other significant software packages for my computer?

How do I connect my computer to the campus network?

Can you connect my computer to a network printer?

I need Stata or SPSS. How can I obtain it?

I'd like to purchase a new computer but I'm not sure what I need. Can you advise me?

I just bought a new computer. Can you help me set it up?

My machine is behaving strangely. I think I have a virus. Can you help?

How can I obtain an account on an SSCS departmental server?

How can I connect to my server?

How can I safely back up my computer's data?

What backup options can you offer me?

How do I verify what files are being backed up by Bacula?

What's the best way to back up my laptop at home?

How can I avoid getting a virus on my computer?

I can’t access certain U of C web sites when I’m off-campus. What can I do?

How do I access my files on the server from my computer?

How can I get a personal web page?

I have a laptop. How do I connect wirelessly to the campus network?

How can I check email if I'm away from the University of Chicago?

How do I configure/run the U of C Cisco VPN Client for Windows?

I will be out of town and would like all incoming email to receive an automated email response. How can I have my account automatically respond to email when it comes in? How can I turn it off when I return?

What do I do if I think my computer’s security has been violated?

How can I keep my email account below quota?