Server Support FAQs

-Account Questions-


How do I get a user account on my departmental server?

Does my SSCS account have the same password as my CNetID?

How can I reset my password?

There are many authentication systems at the University, and many of them use separate password systems. The one most relevant for Social Sciences users is:

What are my quotas on the system?

How do I obtain more storage on the server?



How do I access files on the server?

How do I map a network folder on my computer?

How do I create a folder on my departmental server for sharing files?

I am teaching a class and want to share some files with my undergraduate students, but they are not eligible for accounts on my departmental server. What can I do?

The University maintains resources designed for Faculty and course intructors.  More information can be obtained at:

I can't seem to access my files stored on the server when I'm off-campus. What's wrong?

How do I use VPN software?

-Using Software from the Server-


How do I access programs on the server?

The software I need isn't available on the server. Can it be made available?

How do I run Stata from the server?

How do I run VNC in order to connect to a Server?

How do I run Matlab from the server?

How do I get a fully functional Qualtrics Account?


-Cluster Information-


System Specs

How do I get an account?

Configuring Matlab

Knitro on Acropolis

How do I submit a batch job to the cluster?

How do I submit a batch Stata job to the cluster?

Managing Jobs

Scratch Space