Services and Resources

Services & Resources

Computational Server Support

Research Accounts

SSCS provides secure UNIX shell accounts on our server systems for eligible SSD Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and researchers.

  • Storage: 100GB students / 1TB Faculty [additional available]
  • Access to versions Matlab, Stata, R, compilers, SAS, etc.
  • 50Gb of aggregate memory usage
  • Graphical Access via the EasyVNC ssh client

Storage & Group Management

Group permssionas and storage access are managed by the SSCS Server Group.  Labs shares are maintained for Faculty research projects, with the goal of ensuring security and availability of materials.  More information on how to access storage can be found on the SSCS FAQ.

Acropolis Cluster

For researchers within the Division requiring resources beyond those available on their departmental server, SSCS maintains the Acropolis Server.  On Acropolis, users can:

  • Use the Matlab DCS license, a 500-worker cluster
  • Submit simultaneous tasks in R, Stata, to the cluster of 32 nodes
  • Gain access to memory for jobs requiring more than 100GB of memory.


SSCS maintains a number of statistical packages for researchers, ranging from Matlab, Stata, SAS and R, to Fortran, and Julia. 

Desktop Support

The SSCS desktop support group manages:

  • Hardware & Software Purchasing
  • Software Updates
  • Backup support - according to UChicago guidelines, individuals are responsible for the backups of their systems.  To that end, SSCS supports a backup environment to empower our users to meet that responsibility.
  • Your support personnel can be found here.