Departing faculty and researchers have the option to either return computing hardware to Social Science Computing Services (SSCS) or purchase computing hardware at its depreciated value, as determined by SSCS.

Returns: Faculty who prefer to return computing hardware to SSCS may arrange for the removal of their data from the computing hardware and UChicago Server systems, including material stored on SSD Servers, the RCC’s Midway systems, Secure Data Enclave, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Box systems.  To begin this process, faculty should contact SSCS at sscstech@lists.uchicago.edu. This should be arranged well before departure, as data may otherwise be considered abandoned.

Purchase: In the event Faculty express interest in retaining hardware purchased with UChicago funds, SSCS will prepare a quote by averaging several estimates from established re-buying vendors.  A spreadsheet of items involved will be supplied to the departmental admin, the departing faculty member, and SSCS management. Faculty will arrange payment with their business manager.

Acknowledgement of Transfer

The faculty member wishing to retain hardware should be aware:  software, backups, and other materials will cease to function after the hardware is transferred.  Data Use Agreements signed by UChicago must be reconstituted with Faculty’s new institution.

For data governed by IRB, the appropriate transfer of IRB control will be documented.

Scheduling Dropoff or Pickup of Computers

SSCS may need up to two weeks to arrange the de-provisioning of systems and to schedule handoff of the materials.  This will provide time for SSCS to ensure the systems have been backed-up appropriately, and that administrative security features have been appropriately removed.

At the time scheduled for transfer, departing faculty should arrange appropriate transportation.


In the event shipping of hardware is required or desired, charges will be borne by either the department or the user.  SSCS will also change a fee to transport hardware to a shipping office, where it can be professionally boxed for shipment.

Remote De-Provisioning of Systems

Computers once managed by UChicago IT may face catastrophic data loss, or loss of function in new environments.  In limited cases, SSCS may be able to remotely deprovision systems, but this should be arranged.