Basic Authentication Transition Guidance: Exchange Web Services

The following operating system versions and email applications support Modern Authentication.

Device Type Operating System Version Email Application
Windows 8.0 or later Outlook 2016
Outlook 2019
Outlook – Office 365
Windows 10 Mail
Thunderbird V78 or later
Mac 10.14 or later Apple Mail
Outlook 2019 for Mac
Outlook for Mac – Office 365
10.13 or earlier Thunderbird v78 or later
iOS (iPhone, iPad) 11.3.1 or earlier Apple Mail
Outlook for iOS
Android 8.0 or later Outlook for Android
Linux Outlook on the web

Exchange Web Services: This is likely to be a mac email program, probably either Apple Mail or Outlook. Exchange Web Services is capable of doing modern authentication but in your case, it has been configured to do basic authentication.

Fix: If your mac is running MacOS 10.13 or earlier, please contact SSCS as your mac may require an upgrade.

If your mac is running MacOS 10.14 or later, you may choose to resolve the problem yourself by following the instructions below or contacting SSCS for help.

To resolve it on your own, open your email program, delete your email account (System Preferences > Internet Accounts); and then delete your saved email credentials from the Keychain Access program (located in /Applications/Utilities). Do a keyword search within Keychain Access for Exchange to help you locate the saved credentials. If you find the saved credentials, delete the keychain entry. Repeat the process, searching for Office and finally ADAL.

Re-add the email account (System Preferences > Internet Accounts) and do the initial 2FA Duo login.

NOTE: if you are using an older version of Outlook, update it to Outlook 365. You can find the installer for the latest version of Outlook 365 by logging into with your uChicago credentials. If your operating system supports it, we recommend using the latest version of Outlook 365 as your default email program. Because it is by Microsoft, it works very well with the university’s Microsoft-hosted email system.

As an alternative, you can always access email via the web:

Please feel welcome to contact SSCS if you need help configuring your email.