SSD Data Migration – 2020

As part of the Division’s continuing efforts to enhance the performance and security of its research storage, the existing Cronus systems will be migrated to new systems housed within a UChicago IT Services-managed datacenter.

The migration will begin on Friday, December 24, and is expected to be completed on Monday, December 28. During this time, files stored on Cronus, SSCS-FS0, or SSDFILES will be accessible in read-only mode. Cronus will not be available.

The move represents a significant milestone and is the result of years of preparation and substantial investment by the University, ITServices, the Division, and Social Sciences Computing Services.

Users can anticipate reduced computation times and faster file transfers from shared folders resulting from the Isilon Storage System, as well as the ITS DataCenter’s fault-tolerant network infrastructure.

2020 Social Sciences Data Migration Plan

  • Status of Data Migration as of 12/4/2020
    • During the 2020 Summer, SSCS Duplicated the Cronus system in the new data center, and have maintained both old and new systems in parallel.
    • August 2020, a feed was established to migrate data from the server room in the Quad to a new Isilon storage system in 1155.
    • After an initial sync was completed, data have already been continually  migrated to the new facility, and data integrity is regularly verified.
  • Migration Benchmarks – two weeks before final migration
    • Schedule Verification – 12/11/2020
      • Current synchronizations are estimated to take 48 hours.
      • To ensure the most accurate estimate of time for the day of the move, SSCS will perform a full benchmark migration beginning the evening of12/11/2020
  • Final Migration Steps 12/24/2020-12/28/2020
    • Thursday 12/24 @ 5PM through 12/26
      • SSCS techs bring down the Cronus compute system and turn the existing storage to read-only mode.  [1 hour]
      • SSCS begins final data migration, currently estimating 48 hours will be needed to complete the transfer.
      • Users can access files in read-only mode, Cronus remains off-line.
      • SSCS techs monitor migration progress
    • Saturday 12/26  through Sunday 12/27
      • Data Verification/Testing
      • Based on the results of the transfer, SSCS will either move forward or execute its rollback plan, which is estimated to take 6 hours.
        • In the Event of a rollback, SSCS will restore access to files, and bring the Cronus system back online in place.
      • SSCS will make DNS name changes to reflect the new environment.
      • Users may begin using the system.
    • Monday 12/28 the system is considered open for use by all users.