Deprovisioning of Computers That Will Leave the University of Chicago

Under some circumstances individual departments may allow departing scholars to buy their UChicago-issued computers to take away with them when they leave their employment.

Because these computers are typically loaded with multiple software programs under license to the University and restricted to current employees, these computers must undergo a deprovisioning process to be done by Social Sciences Computing Services.

This process must be completed before employment ends, and so it should be scheduled well in advance.

The deprovisioning process involves:

  • Completely wiping the hard drive of the computer
  • Re-installing just the bare operating system (either Windows or MacOS

Please note: the end user of the computer is solely responsible for assuring that all needed data is backed up prior to the drive being wiped.

The end user is also responsible for installing any desired software programs. We cannot install University-licensed software on computers that will be leaving the University.