Migration Schedule


- June 16, Wednesday:

  • 9am – Acropolis compute nodes restricted to half capacity in preparation of the move.
  • 5pm – File shares go into read-only mode to prevent data corruption
    • Home Directories will be inaccessible during the upgrade.
    • SSCS-FS0 files locked in read-only mode
    • CEHDFiles locked in read-only mode
    • Acropolis and Athens are offline

- June 17, Thursday:

  • Files remain read-only
  • Physical move of some hardware

- June 18, Friday:

  • 9am – 5pm –
    • Intermittent outages may occur on SSCS-FS0 & CEHDFiles
    • Verification of Data
  • 5pm – Expected return to service of Acropolis, Athens,
    • Fileshares from SSCS-FS0, & CEHDFiles set to read-write
    • Computers accessing the fileshares should be rebooted at this time to ensure reconnection to the data.