Data Archive

The Social Sciences Data Archive (SSDA) is located on the University of Chicago’s Hyde Park campus and was established in order to provide a relatively inexpensive and scientifically productive means for researchers to explore important issues in social sciences research. As part of the Social Sciences Division of the University of Chicago and the Academic Research Areas of the National Opinion Research Center (NORC), SSDA generally limits data access services to individuals belonging to one of these groups.


  • To increase our capacity for performing archival services in support of sponsored research.
  • To promote the acquisition, archiving, and distribution of electronic data for social sciences teaching and research.
  • To acquire and disseminate international data of interest to social science researchers.
  • To encourage the exchange of data and data related technology.
  • To provide users access to diverse data sources of interest to social sciences research by becoming a portal for data dissemination.
  • To promote the development and use of metadata standards for data management.
  • To preserve data for future use and increase the research value of our collection.