Email FAQs


How can I get help acclimating to the web interface located at

I really liked cMail --- what configuration of OWA gets me the closest to it?

Where do I find my Sent Mail and Deleted Mail?  How do I change their locations?

How do I archive my email in the new Xmail system?

How can I flag a message in Thunderbird and have it flag messages to all my other xmail devices?

I lost my email filters when I migrated to xMail. What can be done?

How can I keep my messages from being displayed as conversations rather than email by email?  How do I sort them by date?

How can I view and delete part of a conversation, rather than deleting the entire conversation thread?

How can I sync my calendar and contact changes made in the Outlook Web App(OWA) 2010 to my desktop's Outlook?

How do I get my old cMail contacts into xMail?

My POP email doesn’t seem to work properly. What can be done?

How do I setup my junk email rules?

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 The junk email rules have been lost after the migration. However, they are easy to access and change. Please go to and follow the directions here

How do I create an email signature in Outlook Web App (OWA)?

How do I set an out of office reply in Outlook Web App (OWA)?

How do I check the size of my mailbox in Outlook Web App (OWA)?

How do I attach a file to an Outlook Email?