For PC Users


For PC users:  If you utilize Outlook and have the most recent version installed (Outlook 2016) then a simple restart of Outlook will cause an AutoDetect to take place and the migration will be complete.  This can take several minutes as the device initially syncs.  If you use an email client on your PC other than Outlook such as Thunderbird please email us your name, the email client used and your machines location(s) to: If you would prefer to configure Thunderbird yourself, follow the directions here


Any old Exchange account on your phone will need to be removed as outlined here: Delete Old Account

For shared calendar users.  After the migration, your Outlook calendar may prompt you for someone else’s CNet ID and password.  Please do not enter your credentials onto someone else’s machine, and do not ask anyone else to enter theirs into yours.  If prompted for someone else’s CNet ID and password by your calendar, simply overwrite the other individuals CNet ID with yours and enter your password into your machine.  This should reestablish the sharing.  Please call us with any difficulties.