Using X-Win32

X-Win32 is no longer recommended for use. If you wish to use this software please email ssc-server-support@lists.uchicago.edu for more information on other options and licenses.

  1. Preparing for Installation.
    • If you have previously installed X-Win32, you must remove it before installing the newest version. To remove the old X-Win32 version, go to Control Panel -> Programs. Choose the X-Win32 version in your list, click on Uninstall, and then choose Remove.
  2. Install X-Win32 on your computer.
    1. Double-click on the downloaded installer file, x-win100-1155sf.exe
    2. Click OK in the Choose Setup Language dialog box.
    3. Click Next in the InstallShield Wizard dialog box.
    4. Accept the license agreement and click Next.
    5. Enter your name and organization. Click Next.
    6. Click Next to accept the default Destination Folder.
    7. Click Next to proceed with a "Complete" installation.
    8. Click Install to execute the installation.
    9. Click Finish to close the installation window.
  3. Configuring X-Win32 for the first time.
    1. Launch X-Config from the Start Menu under All Programs -> X-Config.
    2. Click Wizard in the X-Win32 Configuration dialog box.
    3. Enter the name of your departmental server in the dialog box in the name field and select ssh from the list. In our example we will be connecting to cronusx. You may want to connect to one of the other departmental servers: athensx, corinthx, or rhodesx. Use the server on which you have your account. Click Next to continue.
    4. Enter the name of your departmental server in the dialog box in the host field. Click Next to continue.
    5. The next dialog box allows you to store login credentials for the server on your computer. If you wish to have the X-Win32 remember your username, or both your username and password, you can enter them here. If you are not the only person who uses your computer, or for added security, do not enter your password here. Click Next to continue.
    6. Select Linux from the list. Click Finish to continue.
    7. Close the dialog box by clicking on the X button in the upper-right hand corner, or by clicking Cancel. You have successfully configured your X-Win32.
  4. Connecting to the server using X-Win32.

    The X-Win32 application has saved the parameters for connecting to your departmental server in the steps you followed in Configuring X-Win32 for the first time (above). Follow the instructions below to connect to the server through X-Win32.

    1. Launch X-Win32 2010 from the Start Menu under All Programs -> X-Win32 2010.
    2. The first time you launch the program you may be prompted with several Windows Security Alert dialog boxes. If you encounter these dialog boxes, ensure for each dialog box that both Private and Public networks have been checkmarked. This will allow X-Win32 to talk to the server. Click Allow Access in this dialog. If a X-Win32 License Wizard dialog appears move it to the side and do not close it.
    3. If you encounter an X-Win32 License Wizard dialog box, obtain the Keyfile from https://sw.src.uchicago.edu/downloads/xwinlicense.txt When prompted for a username and password, provide your CNet ID username and password. Select and copy the Keyfile text from your browser and paste it into the X-Win32 License Wizard dialog box. Click OK to continue. Click Finish.
    4. In the X-Win32 Configuration window click Launch.
    5. The first time you launch the connection you may be asked to accept a Stored Host Key. Click Accept.
    6. If you have not stored your password while Configuring X-Win32 for the first time, you will be prompted to enter your CNet ID password.
    7. An xterm window will open on your desktop. This window and any commands executed within it is running on your departmental server.