Security validation of personal computers used to remotely access the Secure Data Enclave

Computers that go through the standard software provisioning process used by Social Sciences Computing Services comply with the University’s End User Device Policy, which stipulates various security-related requirements, including:

  • The use of a vendor-supported operating system that gets regular security updates
  • Full Drive Encryption
  • The requirement of a manual login using a complex password (no auto-logon)
  • The use of a password-protected screensaver or screenlock that activates after a relatively short period of user inactivity on the keyboard and mouse.
  • The use of a firewall to limit unwanted or malicious network traffic directed at the computer
  • The use of a self-updating antivirus program

Computers set up by Social Sciences Computing Services since October 2020 comply with these requirements and are considered safe to use for the purpose of accessing the Secure Data Enclave.

If you would like to have Social Sciences Computing Services configure your computer and certify its readiness for use with the SDE, please click on the link below and complete the request form: