Secure Data Enclave Check-in & Check-out Procedures

Check-in/Check-out Procedures:

When requesting access to the Secure Data Enclave (SDE) Secure Room please have the following items and information available.

  • SDE Project Name
    • This name will be provided to you by the SDE operations team
  • UChicago ID card


  1.   Arrive at the Data Center window and inform the Operations Center staff that you will need to access the SDE Secure Room.
  2.   Provide the SDE Project Name and your UChicago ID card to the Operations Center staff who will verify that you have access to the Secure Room.  Please note that if you do not provide your UChicago ID, you will notbe able to access the Secure Room.
  3.   If you are not authorized to access the room or if the information you provided cannot be verified, then you will notbe able to access the Secure Room.
  4.   Once you are verified to access the room and project, you will be given a project key to unlock your project’s computer in the Secure Room.
  5.   Your UChicago ID will be provided back to you to unlock the door to the room.  Once the door is unlocked, you will need give your UChicago ID back to Operations Center staff.
  6.   When you are ready leave, please return your computer to the cabinet and lock the cabinet door.
  7.   Return the project key to Operations Center staff, and your UChicago ID will be returned to you.