Creating a LastPass Entry

  1. Login to
  2. Click the ‘ + ‘ at the bottom right hand corner
  3. Click ‘More Items’
  4. Click ‘Server’
  5. For the ‘Name’ enter the asset tag number
  6. For the ‘Folder’ click the drop down menu and select ‘Shared-OperationsSupport’
  7. For Hostname enter the department name – asset tag number (e.g. SSCS-12345)
  8. For username enter ‘SSCS’
  9. Click the ‘Generate Password’ button
    • Change Password length to ‘16’
    • Select ‘Easy to Read’
    • Check ‘Uppercase’
    • Check ‘Lowercase’
    • Check ‘Numbers’
    • Check ‘Symbols’
  10. Click ‘Copy Password’ to save a copy of the password and paste it to a notepad or write it down for future reference
  11. Paste the password in the ‘Password’ Field
  12. Click ‘Save’ to save the entry