Mac Setup – For Faculty

  1. Check with the user for any specific applications such as Adobe, STATA, or MatLab (Some of these apps have an additional cost associated with them and must be purchased separately in BuySite)
  2. Install Jamf
  3. After Jamf has finished installing open System Preferences & go to Users & Groups
  4. Unlock the lock to make changes in the Users & Groups section
  5. Enter the password for the ‘SSCS’ account
  6. Click ‘Unlock’
  7. Change the ‘New Account’ from Standard to Administrator
  8. Enter the user’s full name for ‘Full Name’ (Account Name will automatically populate with the information from ‘Full Name’)
  9. Enter a secure temporary password for the user’s account
  10. Click ‘Create User’
  11. Logout of the SSCS account
  12. Log into the user account
  13. Skip through the preference panes using the same selections used in the Initial Mac Setup steps
  14. Open System Preferences
  15. Go to Security & Privacy
  16. Click the lock to unlock it and make edits
  17. Enter the temporary password for the user account & Click ‘unlock’
  18. On the left scroll to ‘Screen Recording’ and select TeamViewer, Zoom and Teams
  19. If you do not see an application listed, click on the ‘+’
  20. Search for the application you want to add & click ‘open’
  21. Give ‘Full Disk Access’ to Code42, TeamViewer, Agent & STATA (if application is installed)
  22. Under ‘Accessibility’ give access to Teams, Zoom, and TeamViewer
  23. Open Zoom & Check for updates
  24. Open TeamViewer & Check for updates
  25. *****IMPORTANT NEXT STEPS*****

  26. Open Terminal
  27. Run sudo jamf recon & sudo jamf policy
    • Copy the encryption key into LastPass for future reference
  28. Check if the SolarWinds Agent is running
    • Open Terminal
    • Run the following command:
      sudo launchctl load /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.solarwinds.discoveryagent.plist
  29. Check if CrowdStrike is running
    • Open Terminal
    • Run the following command:
      sudo /Applications/ stats
  30. Install any additional software requested by the user
  31. Open a private window in your preferred web browser
  32. Log into Box
  33. Download The ‘Remaining Steps’ file onto the user’s desktop
  34. Remove the Jamf agent from the machine