Initial Mac Setup (No Pre-Stage Enrollment)

  1. Take the computer out of the box but keep the box near (You will need the PO and serial number)
  2. Plug the computer into the power adapter and an ethernet cord
  3. Power on the computer
  4. Select Language preference ‘English’
  5. Select the Country ‘United States’
  6. Select ‘Not Now’ for accessibility options
  7. If you are connected to an ethernet cord you will not be prompted for WiFi; otherwise connect to WiFi\
  8. Click ‘continue’ for Data & Privacy agreement
  9. Click ‘Not Now’ for Migration Assistant
  10. Click ‘Set Up Later’ for Apple ID
  11. Click ‘Skip’
  12. Click ‘Agree’ for Terms & Conditions
  13. Click ‘Agree’ again for Terms & Conditions
  14. Enter ‘SSCS’ for the full name & account name for the computer
  15. Grab an asset tag sticker and put one on the bottom cover and one on the inside cover
  16. Create a password in LastPass using the asset tag information
  17. Enter the password here & verify it
  18. Leave ‘Hint’ blank
  19. Click ‘Continue’
  20. Check the box for enabling Location Services
  21. Click ‘Continue’
  22. Uncheck the boxes for Analytics
  23. Click ‘Continue’
  24. Click ‘Set Up Later’ for Screen Time
  25. Uncheck the box for enabling Siri
  26. Click ‘Continue’
  27. Click ‘Set Up Touch ID Later’
  28. Click ‘Continue’
  29. Click ‘Continue’ to skip setting up Touch ID
  30. Select ‘Light’ as the Look
  31. Click ‘Continue’
  32. Uncheck the box for turning on File Vault Disk Encryption
  33. Click ‘Continue’

Determine the end user’s affiliation and continue with the appropriate setup:
Mac Setup – For Faculty
Mac Setup – For Staff