Granting STATA Permissions

  1. Open Finder once STATA has successfully been installed
  2. Navigate to the Applications folder
  3. Locate and right click the STATA folder
  4. Click ‘Get Info’
  5. Expand ‘Sharing & Permissions’
  6. Click the lock to allow changes
  7. Enter the temporary password to the computer & click the OK button
  8. Next, click the + button in the lower left corner to give the user custom access
  9. Locate the user in the list and click their name, then the Select button
  10. At this point, the user will only have been granted ‘Read only’ rights to STATA
  11. Click ‘Read only’ next to the user’s name and choose ‘Read & Write’ from the drop-down menu that appears
  12. Click the lock to save the changes