SSD RampUp

Ramp Up for the Return to In-Person Work

As part of the Ramp Up to the return to campus, SSCS will be conducting an inventory and assessment of UChicago computers used by staff.

Phase 1:  Objective: before off-campus machines are permitted back on campus during Ramp-Up, SSCS will evaluate and eliminate the risks posed to data on Social Sciences Division staff computers.   This phase of work will be performed for each staff member for computers both on and off campus.  The work will be performed only by SSCS staff who have undergone UChicago-regulated Adanced Security Training for Privileged Users.

  • Installing TeamViewer, SSCS’s choice for secure remote support. TeamViewer employs one-time passcodes to secure remote support sessions.
  • Inventory – tools to report the condition and configuration of the computer and its software.
  • Backup – Installation of Code42 Backup, a secure backup platform chosen by multiple Divisions including SSD. SSCS were early adopters of Code42, and later participated in the evaluation of the product for adoption by the University.
    • Security Notes:
      • Access to view or restore backups are restricted to the  end user, to SSCS Management, and a very limited number of staff.  Typically, your desktop support tech cannot see your files on the backup system, and must coordinate with SSCS leadership or the user directly to initiate a restore of data.
      • Access to Code42 repositories are logged.
      • Agents and personnel or Code42 are not able to view the contents of backups of University-owned computers, as the keys are maintained on-campus. SSCS maintains its own keystore for encryption.
  • Protect – Crowdstrike Antivirus – the Crowdstrike Antivirus platform replaces earlier antivirus software installed until a few years ago.

Phase 2:  Preparing for On-Campus Work

  • If University-owned computer you have been using for work does not meet UChicago End User Device Policy, we will establish a schedule with you and your supervisor to implement a solution.
  • Depending on the situation this may be scheduled for the day of your return to campus for work, or in more immediately if needed to address urgent situations.

Social Sciences Computing Staff Conducting the Survey

  1. Scott Bradwell, SSCS Operations Manager
  2. Cory Martin
  3. Iyanu Ogbara
  4. Joe Bonni
  5. Kerry Sharkey
  6. Nelson Balbarin
  7. Rob Pagan
  8. Shomari Tate