The Acropolis /home and /share directories are hosted over a 10GbE network connection. Jobs which perform large amounts of reads and writes to disk can benefit by using scratch space. Each compute node is equipped with a fast solid state drive located at /scratch. Jobs run on the nodes create a unique directory in /scratch. It is important to copy any output files written to /scratch back to /home or /share. This directory is deleted once the job has completed or a node is rebooted. The environment variable $SRATCH is set to point to the scratch directory.

The following example will copy a stata do and dta file to /scratch where stata-mp is run.

#PBS -N Stata
#PBS -l nodes=1:ppn=8,pmem=10gb
#PBS -j oe

. /etc/profile.d/

#Copy your .dta and .do files into /scratch.
cp /home/$USER/StataData.dta $SCRATCH/StataData.dta

cp /home/$USER/ $SCRATCH/

#Move to the scratch directory and run your stata  job
stata-mp -b do $SCRATCH/

#Copy the resulting log back into your home directory
cp $SCRATCH/StataDo.log /home/$USER/