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Hardware & Software Procurement and Support

SSCS handles procurement and support for faculty, staff, and other academic appointees in the Division of Social Sciences.

EUD Configurations
Custom EUD Process
Software Licenses
Desktop Support

Research Support

Researchers wanting access for their teams to advanced analysis tools will find holistic assistance from our Research Support Group.

SSCS Cluster

Faculty and Staff in the Social Sciences Division also receive support from our Operations Support Team for desktop applications and hardware.

Whether it’s across UChicago Divisions/Schools or with partners further afield, SSCS helps facilitate shared access to datasets, computing, and software resources.
Custom Solutions
Learn more about how SSCS can develop custom solutions for research

SSCS offers support for classroom technologies, web-conferencing, and the development of audio-visual resources to support the Division’s teaching mission.

Data Security & Management

From data collection and acquisition to analysis and storage, SSCS provides one-stop service.