Teaching & Technology

For assistance with any hybrid remote event or class in the Division of Social Sciences, please fill out this form: Request for assistance with hybrid or remote events and classes in SSD

Getting Started

Primary Tools

Zoom: the tool for face-to-face teaching online.
Canvas: provides tools for managing course materials and instruction.

Classroom AV Instruction: Academic Technology Solutions trains and maintain all AV and video-conferencing hardware in University classrooms. Click here for an introduction to our video-conferencing systems and opportunities for one-on-one training with these technologies.


Taking Teaching Online

Teaching Remotely at the University of Chicago – University resources for teaching remote and hybrid courses, from setup to training offerings to course management.

Instructor Guide 2.0 – A comprehensive guide from Teaching Remotely on remote and hybrid instruction.

Additional Resources

Teaching Tools with Academic Technology Solutions – the definitive overview of digital teaching tools

Active Learning Techniques for the Online Classroom – An in-depth look at adapting a broad portfolio of active learning techniques for remote instruction.

If you have any additional questions, you can submit a ticket via our portal or contact the T&T team directly via email at ssdtnt@uchicago.edu.