Teaching & Technology

Getting Started – Tools and Training

Overview of the Three Primary Tools:

  1. Zoom – manages group online discussions and permits instructors and their TAs to manage the flow of conversation, respond to participant activity, and to present spontaneous information. Zoom is the tool for face-to-face teaching online.
  2. Canvas – familiar to many instructors in UC, Canvas provides tools for managing course materials and instruction.
  3. Panopto – provides simple, but sophisticated tools for producing, presenting and annotating video information.

Academic Technology Solutions

Additional services and teaching resources provided by ITS’ ATS team.


Taking Teaching Online

Teaching Remotely at the University of Chicago

The most current University resources for teaching remote and hybrid courses, from setup (including downloadable PDF checklist) to training offerings to course management.


Instructor Guide 2.0

A comprehensive guide from Teaching Remotely on remote and hybrid instruction, covering syllabus design, building a course space, strategies for adapting to remote or blended teaching, essential digital learning resources, and University of Chicago-specific troubleshooting resources. Last updated August 2021.


Remote Teaching Techniques by Preferred Teaching Method

Some best practices and practical suggestions for adapting your preferred face-to-face teaching methods to remote and hybrid use.


Additional Resources

Teaching Tools with Academic Technology Solutions

The definitive overview of digital teaching tools curated for instructors at the University of Chicago.


Active Learning Techniques for the Online Classroom

An in-depth look at adapting a broad portfolio of active learning techniques for remote instruction.