The University’s wireless network is available in all campus buildings. To access the internet through it you must have a CNetID.

You will see at least four networks options listed on campus (if you see others, do not connect to these they are not supported networks:

  • uchicago – This is an older network which requires log on every time you connect and connections are not encrypted. Any communications sent over this network will be readable by others if the protocol does not encrypt your data. Users should not use this network.
  • uchicago-secure – This network will allow you to store credentials making it possible to have your device connect automatically once in range. Communications over the network are encrypted.
  • eduroam – The eduroam network is a federated access program that allows you to connect to the networks of other eduroam institutions. It is is like uchicago-secure in terms of usability and security, although it may sometimes take slightly longer to log in.  More information is available from ITServices.
  • uchicago-guest – For those who have guests visiting campus, such as a vendor, wireless guest access can be granted on a temporary basis.