The university provides VPN (virtual private network) software so that users can access University computing resources that are normally inaccessible from off-campus. The VPN software makes your computer, in effect, part of the campus network, letting you access files on the server using the Windows File Sharing protocol (also known as samba or SMB) in the same way that you would when working on your campus computer. You will need to download and install the University’s VPN software program.

Read more documentation on the setup and use of this software.

Please note that the use of VPN software in combination with Windows File Sharing can result in lost or corrupted files on the server if the user’s network connection to the server is broken unexpectedly before the user has saved the file to the server.  Intermittent network outages are not uncommon with many DSL and cable internet services providers.  For this reason, you may prefer to use SFTP rather than VPN for the purpose of accessing your files on the server.

If you require assistance with installing or configuring SFTP or VPN software on your computer, please contact us.