“showq” will list the full job queue. “showq -u $USER” will only list your jobs. From here you can see the status of your submitted jobs.

“checkjob” can be used to see the current status of a job. Run checkjob followed by the job id listed in showq. This is helpful to troubleshoot jobs that do not start.

“myjobs” shows the resources CPU/Memory reserved for a job. Shows what portion of the CPU/Memory your running job is currently consuming. Shows status of idle jobs.

“qdel” this command can be used to kill your jobs. Run qdel followed by the job id.

“matlablicense” check to see how many licenses are available to run distributed matlab jobs.

“qstat” can be uses to watch your jobs. Useful options are -n which shows which nodes the job is running on. -f will show the full information of a job. -t will show information on a job array.

Ganglia will show graphical statistics for all of the nodes on the cluster. This can be started in a VNC session by opening the application menu and navigating to Job Management > Ganglia.