Measuring Health Service Accessibility with GIS

Manager of GIS Research speaks at Association of American Geographers meeting in Chicago Measuring Health Service Accessibility with GIS

Measuring Health Service Accessibility with GIS

SSCS played a key role in the International Symposium on Financial Survey held in China from September 9 to September 13, 2013. Read More: International Symposium on Financial Survey

SSCS played a key role at the International Symposium on Financial Survey

Todd J. Schuble spoke recently at the Booth School of Business on effective ways to utilize location-based data for marketing, management, and entrepreneurship. Read more: Integrating Geographic Information Systems into Business Applications

Manager of GIS Research Speaks at Booth School of Business

At a recent symposium, faculty of the Harris School and The National Opinion Research Center shared data and analysis with Peking University and Renmin University faculty. International Symposium on Longitudinal Survey Methods for Human Capital

Chinese Scholars Share Ideas at International Symposium

Social Sciences data archivist Jingsheng Zhu acted as an organizer at November's CGSS-GSS Collaborative Symposium, held at Renmin University and the University of Chicago Center in Beijing. Read more: CGSS-GSS Collaborative Symposium

Social Sciences Data Archivist at Collaborative Symposium in Beijing

About Us

Social Sciences Computing Services is made up of several distinct support teams that provide the following services to the Social Sciences Division:

  • Desktop support for social science division and NORC faculty and staff.
  • Administrative support for computing within the Division. This includes home pages for the division, departments, and committees, server and database support for the Local Business Center (LBC), and desktop evaluation and replacement for administrative staff.
  • Server support for specific research areas: Anthropology Computer Center, Center for Computational Psychology, Economics, the Institute for Mind and Biology, NORC, Political Science and Sociology.
  • Social Science Data Archive supports the archive, storage, maintenance and retrieval of pertinent data sets for the Social Science Division and NORC Research Centers.
  • Geographic Information Systems and Science (GIS), consulting and research concerning spatial analysis and GIS tools.