University of Chicago SurveyCTO Instance

Sponsorship by a Social Sciences Division Faculty is required for activation of your SurveyCTO account.

The security measures underlying the SurveyCTO software can be found under their Terms and Conditions Data Security. In addition, their Privacy Policy offers information offers information on how SurveyCTO manages your personal account.

SSCS is the administrator for the SSD SurveyCTO instance. For any questions related your SSD SurveyCTO account, please contact The Social Sciences Division SurveyCTO Account is available at:

For questions on survey creation, please have your project lead contact SurveyCTO support, available by login through their SurveyCTO account.


Creating an SSD SurveyCTO Account

Please submit the SSCS ticket to create an account with SSD SurveyCTO: SurveyCTO Account Request

Accounts are created under the Principal Investigator’s team account. Please confirm your user role with the PI prior to submitting the ticket. Users on a team have shared access to the forms and data, unless limited by their ser role. Roles cannot be limited by specific forms or specific data. Project IRBs are required for a SurveyCTO account.

Login for the Social Sciences Division SurveyCTO Account is available at:

The ssd1 SurveyCTO server is located in the United States.


User Roles

The below are examples of the standard roles available under the Social Sciences Division’s SurveyCTO instance.

    1. Form Manager—user can view, add, edit, and delete all forms
    2. Data Collection—user can view forms and submit responses for all forms
    3. Data Manager (data collection and download)—user can view and submit responses for all forms, user can view and download data for all forms and datasets, user can view individual or aggregate data
    4. Form and Data Manager (administer forms and datasets) —includes Form Manager role, includes Data Manager role, & Data Editor role (user can add, edit, delete, or modify server datasets)

For modifications to the above roles, please contact and have the
Principal Investigator and the lead project manager in cc’ for ease of approval.

To add or delete users from your SurveyCTO account, please submit a SurveyCTO Account Request or contact

For a general overview of managing teams and user roles, please see SurveyCTO’s documentation on:


Collaborating on your SSD SurveyCTO Account

Within University of Chicago
For Collaborators within the University of Chicago Social Sciences Division, PI confirmation, an active CNet, and a project IRB are required to be added onto a Survey CTO team.
SurveyCTO Account Request

Outside University of Chicago Collaborators
Research Collaborators who access the data must have the PI approval and an IRB for their role in the project. The SSCS ticket request will also prompt a temporary cnet for the research collaborator. Institutional emails are required for users who access the data.
SurveyCTO Account Request

If the collaborator is requesting access for additional University of Chicago resources, a Data Collaborator Agreement or other appropriate agreement may be required.


SurveyCTO Submissions

The Principal Investigator should provide the number of expected submissions for the project.

A submission is the count of one form being submitted to a SurveyCTO server. For example, one subject can submit multiple forms, resulting in multiple submissions. For a more detailed definition of a submission, see SurveyCTO FAQ: “How are submissions counted?”

To obtain an estimate of the submissions needed, you can multiply the number of subjects by the number of forms that are required of the project.

# of subjects X # of forms = total # submissions

If your project will exceed 10,000 submissions or more than originally expected, please reach out to SSCS since this affects pricing and other projects on the SSD SurveyCTO server.


SSD Researcher Terms of Agreement

Use of the SurveyCTO license requires the user to agree to the policies of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Institutional Review Board (SBS-IRB). This is why SSCS requests a copy of your IRB approval letter, exemption determination, or an email from the SBS-IRB Office indicating that no review is expected.

For help on understanding applicable IRB requirements to your project(s), please visit or contact


IRB Requirements

The University of Chicago requires that all users conducting research with human subjects obtain IRB approval or exemption from the SBS-IRB office prior to engaging in any research activities (including publishing any surveys online, pilot testing, etc.).

You agree that before publishing any survey using the SSD SurveyCTO instance, you have determined any review requirements, obtained any review necessary, and can supply the following documentation:

      • If conducting research with human subjects, you must obtain documentation of IRB approval or exemption for the project from the SBS-IRB Office (i.e., the IRB- approval letter or exempt notification sent through the AURA system).
      • If your project will not involve human subjects research (e.g., surveys strictly for internal classwork purposes, internal quality improvement surveys, etc.) or if you are unsure if review is required, please contact the SBS-IRB at Provide a brief description of your project, attach any related materials (purpose, proposal, draft questions, etc.), and the SBS-IRB office can provide you with a determination as to what type of review is required (if any), or an email to use as documentation that IRB approval or an exemption determination is not required.

For more information on IRB requirements please visit


End User Devices

The End User Devices accessing, submitting, or receiving research data, should comply with the University’s End User Device Policy.

For help configuring a university issued device or a personal device, please contact


SurveyCTO Support

For questions on survey creation, please contact your project lead and they can reach out to SurveyCTO Support Center available through login via their SurveyCTO account.

You can request that the project lead add you to cc’ when contacting SurveyCTO and they may also need to ask SurveyCTO to add you in cc’ if the form does not load your email.

For additional support, see SurveyCTOs Documentation and Getting Started webpages.

For questions on your SSD SurveyCTO account, please contact


Transferring or Closing SurveyCTO Account

If you are transferring institutions and need to move your data with you, first review and update your IRB. For more information please see the Data section of Graduating and Administratively Withdrawn Students.

If you are leaving the University of Chicago, please visit Graduating and Administratively Withdrawn Students for additional information.

Using SurveyCTO Desktop
The quick start guide, section 3.2, will walk you through how to set up SurveyCTO Desktop.

First, deploy forms from server “A” onto another server “B”.
Then, use SurveyCTO Desktop‘s offline workflow to push data that was exported from server “A” up to server “B”.

For transferring the form and data using SurveyCTO Desktop, follow these steps:

      1. Deploy your form design on the server “B”
      2. Use SurveyCTO Desktop to export the form’s data from the server “A” with default settings (Data source: Server, Data destination: Local CSVs)
      3. Swap SurveyCTO Desktop settings over so that “Local” is the Data source and “Server” is the Data destination
      4. Run SurveyCTO Desktop with its settings configured as in point 3, selecting the form and clicking on “GO!”

Once SurveyCTO Desktop finishes running, it should have pushed all the submissions from the form up to the newly deployed form on server “B”. Keep in mind that doing this will consume submissions. Also note that you should be able to do this with all of the forms on “A” that you want to move in one go – you shouldn’t need to do this for one form at a time.

Please look at SurveyCTO Desktop’s final message when it finishes running (downloading and uploading) – you will want to confirm that the operation was successful, without any errors.

Also see:
Working between servers, including transferring form definitions and data between them
*If you choose this option, please contact SSCS first, being that server to server
transfers are the same as submission uploads and will affect pricing and other
projects on the SSD SurveyCTO server.


Additional Training and Add-Ons

For an additional fee, the Principal Investigator can purchase:

      • Extra Submission Credits
      • Extra Support Contacts
      • Extra Data Storage
      • Customizable Features Using SurveyCTO plug-ins
      • Comprehensive Training specific to the project

If interested in the above, please contact so that SSCS can convey cost and connect your team with SurveyCTO.