Graduating and Administratively Withdrawn Students

  • When Does Your Account Expire?
    • Students have a two-quarter grace period before the account closure process begins. So a student who graduates in June will have Summer and Autumn quarters during which their access will remain largely unchanged, and then at the beginning of Winter quarter they’ll receive an e-mail letting them know that the account closure process will begin.
    • Graduated students are expected to use these two quarters to completely transition their mail and storage to a new system.
  • Mail
      • Alumni will retain their email addresses but only as forwarding addresses, meaning that alumni must designate, within two quarters of graduating, some non-UChicago email address of theirs (e.g. a private gmail address) to which messages sent to the @uchicago address can be forwarded. The email addresses of non-alumni (former employees and students who have left the University without graduating) will be closed within 45 days and cannot be forwarded.
      • Preparing your @UChicago email account for transition or closure
      • Saving your UChicago email before account closure
  • Data
    • Governance:
      • Data Use Agreements become void at graduation.
      • When leaving the University you will need to closeout any active AURA Agreements, where you are the lead researcher. If going to a new institution or division within the University, you’ll need to open new agreements with the new institution or division. If you are still working with a faculty sponsor and should retain access to data, you can request a TAG account. Please contact the SSD Divisional Security Officer if you have any questions about continued access after leaving the University:
      • When leaving the University you will need to close-out any active AURA IRBs, where you are the lead researcher. In the interim, you can purchase an external hard-drive to store research data, that you own and collected. You can encrypt and password protect the external hard drive, until ready to transition the data to a new secure location. If applicable, open new IRBs at your new institution in order to continue your research.
    • Syncing your thesis-related research data:
      1. Acropolis, Athens, Cronus
      2. Box
      3. Google Apps
      4. Qualtrics