Basic Authentication Transition Guidance: MAPI over HTTP

The following operating system versions and email applications support Modern Authentication.

Device Type Operating System Version Email Application
Windows 8.0 or later Outlook 2016
Outlook 2019
Outlook – Office 365
Windows 10 Mail
Thunderbird V78 or later
Mac 10.14 or later Apple Mail
Outlook 2019 for Mac
Outlook for Mac – Office 365
10.13 or earlier Thunderbird v78 or later
iOS (iPhone, iPad) 11.3.1 or earlier Apple Mail
Outlook for iOS
Android 8.0 or later Outlook for Android
Linux Outlook on the web

MAPI over HTTP: This is likely to be an older version of Outlook for Windows (2013 or earlier).

Fix: The fix is somewhat complex. Please contact SSCS for help.

As an alternative, you can always access email via the web: