Non-Networked Secure Data Policy

Policies Affecting Our Role in Secure Research

Non-Networked Machines

In partnership with the Secure Data Archive, SSCS provides End-User-Device support to SSD researchers.  Our objectives are both to facilitate research and comply with the technical specifications and restrictions mandated by data providers.  While these restrictions are often unique to individual data providers, within the SSCS team we have worked to come up with procedures which ensure we can provide support quickly and effectively.

  1. Software Changes
    1. SSCS will work with researchers to first install all needed software prior to the introduction of secure data.  This will minimize the amount of delay between installations of packages on non-networked devices.
    2. Prior to the introduction of secure data, researchers should provide test data to ensure software packages are up-to-date.
  2. Adding/Removing Users
    1. When requesting the addition or removal of users from a secure data system governed by a DUA, SSCS will require documentation that the Data Provider has been informed of the change and approved it.
      1. SSCS requests the following information:
        1. URA DUA# from UChicago URA
        2. Data Provider’s License ID or other contract Identifier
        3. IRB protocol #
        4. Uchicago PI
      2. Acceptable Documentation
        1. PI or research team should supply a PDF of the amended DUA
        2. Where access is governed by an online portal without a ‘paper trail’ SSCS will accept screen shots.
          1. [how to take a screen shot]
        3. Once Accepted, SSCS will initiate the change and update the ticket with confirmation.
    2. Relocating Computers
          1. When relocating a system, SSCS will depend on accurate documentation of the change from the data provider and research team