End User Device Provisioning

SSCS provisions all staff and faculty computers in adherence with  to University of Chicago End User Device Policy to ensure that computer systems purchased with University funds are encrypted, protected against malware, and are backed up.   The software used by SSCS to secure and backup systems was endorsed by the Faculty Board of Computing Activities and Services.

Computers  for Faculty

  • Backup is provided using Code42/Crashplan.  Access to backup data is restricted to the end user of the computer, and SSCS Leadership. Backup data are not accessible to Crashplan.
    • Faculty wishing to opt-out of backups can do so here [CNET login required]
  • Crowdstrike AntiVirus
  • Faculty retain Administrative privilege on laptops and desktop systems.

Computers for non-Faculty

  • Non-faculty computer systems are provisioned and managed using either JAMF [for Macintosh systems] or Microsoft systems management.
  • Staff machines are backed up using Code42/Crashplan.
  • Computer systems may be provisioned differently according to the end user’s administrative or research role.


Computers are provisioned with software to enable compatibility with campus systems and to allow support.

  • Microsoft Office
  • Browsers:  FireFox, Chrome installed in addition to manufacturer browsers
  • TeamViewer SSCS’ preferred remote management software [SSCS remote support requires invitation from the end user].
  • Box Tools for Office
  • Additional installations can be requested from SSCS support.