Qualtrics Expert Review Privacy Statement

Qualtric Expert Review

Solely in order to ensure data quality and to reduce erroneous and fraudulent responses, Social Sciences Division researchers may utilize Qualtric’s Expert Review toolkit to digitally analyze respondent metadata, including:

  • IP Address data:
    • We may collect an IP address from all visitors to our site.
    • An IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer when you use the Internet.
    • We use IP addresses to help diagnose problems with our server, administer our site, and to analyze responses to online surveys.
  • Biometric Data:
    • This is data gathered from CAPTCHA responses.
    • Biometric data gathered in a user’s to surveys may include data associated with patterns of keyclicks or other indicators of automated responses.
  • Email address for checks for duplicated destinations.
  • Question response patterns.

These metadata will be retained through the lifetime of the Qualtrics project, but are not included in the data used for research purposes.  Researchers using Qualtrics Expert Review will acknowledge the use of the tool in both their IRB protocol, and to potential participants.