Secure Data Rooms Process & Management

Secure Research Space Management

A limited number of rooms authorized for Secure Data Research exist in ITService’s spaces and SSD.

Many DUAs stipulate requirements for management of the rooms in which secure data are used.  With our colleagues in ITS, we have developed a process to maintain documentation for potential audits by the provider(s).

When enabling access to secure rooms, SSCS will need several pieces of information to begin. Please note that SSCS does not directly manage card access, but will request card access from the responsible parties after documentation requirements are met.

The Project Lead or PI should  request for changes to user access, supplying the following information:

  1. UChicago AURA DUA
  2. IRB Protocol Number
  3. Faculty PI Name
  4. Updated documentation from Provider showing that the protocol has been modified to authorize the user[s].  This can be in the form of an updated DUA contract from the provider, or screen captures from the provider’s portal in cases where amendments are made online. [how to screen capture Mac/PC]
  5. Name & ChicagoID of the user to add/remove.

Use this link to request an update to users in a secure room: SSCS’s form for submitting changes to users in a secure environment.