In order to work with your files in the RDS (Remote Desktop Services) environment, your files need to be located in your University home or other shared folder inside the University network.


If you are working in SSDLAB, use these instructions to move your files to your folder on directly and rapidly.   In many cases this method will utilize the full upload bandwidth that your home Internet Service Provider provides.



Getting Started – Before You Begin

  • You must have a home directory created and assigned to your CNET account.  Contact us to discuss your needs
  • You need a computer running Windows 10, Mac OS, or Linux
  • It is recommended that your computer have all of the latest OS updates.




Configure FileZilla

  1. Download the free Filezilla client from
  2. Install the application by running it.  Agree to all prompts.
  3. Launch FileZilla
  4. Enter these settings at the top of the Filezilla window:


    • Host:
    • Username: YourCNETid
    • Password: YourCNETpassword
    • Port: 22

There is a setting that needs to be changed under Transfer–>Default file exists action.


Set the Default file exists action to “Resume file transfer”




Use FileZilla

After configuring (as above) click the QuickConnect button.

Only use the “Save passwords” if you are using a private computer – preferably a secure, University-issued laptop



If you are running this for the first time, you will get a prompt for “Unknown Host Key”

Click the checkbox for “Always trust this host” and click the OK button




FileZilla will show you an explorer which you can browse.

The pane on the left is your local computer storage.  The University network is on the right.

By default, you will have to browse or type the paths for the “Local site” as well as the “Remote site.” 

In this example, we are looking at the local Home directory and the University home directory side by side.

Simply drag the folder you need from the left to the target folder on the right.



If you will be using FileZilla frequently, it may be convenient to save your connection to the Site Manager


You can monitor the progress of the upload on the pane at the bottom of FileZilla.


If a file fails to transfer it will show up on the Failed Transfers tab.


You can restart a failed transfers by right-clicking them and choose “Reset and requeue selected files”