Staff Hardware Purchases

Staff Hardware Replacement Cycle

SSCS is adopting a 4-year replacement cycle to manage computer purchases.  SSCS wil make a best-effort to perform a hardware refresh for all staff within a Department simultaneously, but this is not always possible.

Staff Machine Purchasing

in some areas and departments, staff have migrated to a hybrid work model.  To support that work, SSCS has moved to purchasing and provisioning laptop computers for most staff with the expectation that laptops will commute with the end user.

Staff are expected to adhere to remote work policy regarding storage and security.

For remote/hybrid workers, SSCS will provide:

  1. [1] Laptop or Desktop Computer from SSCS’ computer systems in stock [Mac or PC per Departmental approval]
  2. Hub monitor or Monitor + Docking Station
  3. Keyboard/Mouse

if additional hardware, such as a latest-model computer, additional monitors, or hardware for both on-and-off campus are desired, the Dean’s office has directed us to request the Department provide an account from non-operational funds.


updated 2022-07-20