SSCS is pleased to announce that we have licensed Qualtrics Survey Services for use by SSD Faculty and Graduate Students. Qualtrics provides a robust system for generating, publishing and analyzing survey data, coupled with a powerful interface.

In addition, Qualtrics provides online training for small groups and classes.

Information regarding Qualtrics' Data Security is available here. Additional materials are linked at the bottom of this page.

Please note that the University of Chicago requires that all users conducting research with human subjects obtain IRB approval or exemption from the SBS-IRB office prior to engaging in any research activities (including publishing any surveys online, pilot testing, etc.). 

You agree that before publishing any survey using the SSCS Qualtrics system, you have determined any review requirements, obtained any review necessary, and can supply the following documentation:

  • If conducting research with human subjects, you must obtain documentation of IRB approval or exemption for the project from the SBS-IRB Office (i.e., the IRB-approval letter or exempt notification sent through the AURA system).
  • If your project will not involve human subjects research (e.g., surveys strictly for internal classwork purposes, internal quality improvement surveys, etc.) or if you are unsure if review is required, please contact the SBS-IRB at sbs-irb@uchicago.edu.  Provide a brief description of your project, attach any related materials (purpose, proposal, draft questions, etc.), and the SBS-IRB office can provide you with a determination as to what type of review is required (if any), or an email to use as documentation that IRB approval or an exemption determination is not required.

Please follow the steps below to create an account with SSCS Qualtrics:

Note that you will need to email ssc-server-support@lists.uchicago.edu in order to activate your account after following these steps. Failure to do so will give you only minimal access to the system.

1. Using a browser, visit http://ssd.qualtrics.com, and select "Please Click here to create an account"
2. On the next page, enter your full UCHICAGO.EDU email address, and enter a password different from your CNETID password. Note this password for further use.
3. On the following page, be sure to enter the access code SSCSSURVEYS in the appropriate box, then continue.
4. Follow the online steps to confirm your email address with Qualtrics.
5. Use of the Qualtrics services requires the user to agree to the policies of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Institutional Review Board (SBS-IRB). 

After you have activated the Qualtrics account and obtained any necessary documentation from the SBS-IRB Office, please send an email to ssc-server-support@lists.uchicago.edu to be promoted to full use of the Qualtrics tools. Your email should state that you agree to the conditions and requirements and include a copy of your IRB approval letter, exemption determination, or an email from the SBS-IRB Office indicating that no review is required.

Further information regarding Qualtrics can be found at http://www.qualtrics.com and